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Southern aviation head season net is close 800 million
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Economy of China of benefit from benefit from grows continuously, southern aviation (love, prices, information) management outstanding achievement all the way Gao Ge. Realized net profit 2007 1.852 billion yuan, and was 209 million yuan 2006. Among them, did business 2007 profit is 2.138 billion yuan, the business deficit 2006 446 million yuan, make up deficits and increase surpluses 2.584 billion yuan. Realize business income first quarter this year eleven billion one hundred and ninety-five million yuan, net profit 796 million yuan.
The annual report that published yesterday shows, boom of industry of aviation of benefit from benefit from, income high speed grew Na Hang 2007. Realized business income last year fifty-five billion eight hundred and seventy-three million yuan, relatively forty-seven billion two hundred and fifty-seven million yuan increased last year 18.23% , prep above the increase rate of the domestic aviation demand of 16% . In the meantime, exchange profit contribution takes net profit about 2/3. Before this, the report that the research organization is released expresses, RMB every appreciate 1% , every accrual of Na Hang will promote 0.095 yuan; And, the fall of dollar interest rate will reduce the interest expenses of airline, with respect to the financial structure with current airline character, dollar interest rate every drop a percent, criterion Na Hang will reduce interest expenses 200 million yuan. Predict the RMB appreciates this year between 12%-15% .

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