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Net of the boat austral our country adds 786% unpleasant attack by surprise advo
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9 come from exchange profit into profit

"The person tries hard, the heaven helps " , on April 22, southern aviation (love, prices, information) (600029.SH) holds outstanding achievement news briefing in Shanghai, brave of president Liu carry on explains the report that just hands over so.

Southern aviation releases 2007 annals, can calls the history optimal outstanding achievement -- implementation net profit 1.852 billion yuan, every accrual 0.42 yuan, net profit soars 786.12% .

Of the Liu Shaoyong in one's previous experience of aircraftman class air man guide below, southern aviation high level begins his from Hong Kong the way of annals developed 2007. Wave of Xu Jie of general manager Si Xianmin, financial chief inspector, Dong Bi go into battle of Xie Bing all. But southern aviation the expression of 2 class market, the annual report that makes this performance good quite however is awkward.

5 trade last week day, southern aviation from drop 15.01 yuan all the way reach 10.27 yuan. Meantime is tierce more impendent drop stop board.

According to Top View statistic, before April 17, 5 trade the before day sells a southern aviation completely 10 orgnaization chair that all is G word head.

"This is the change of the market, the near future we advocate without what business Wu respect is fluctuant. " Xie Bing expresses.

This first-rate on portion history is bright beautiful forms for reporting statistics, appreciate by the RMB dominant.

According to Shen Yinmo national research reports, southern aviation the profit before duty is medium 2007, only 4% come profit of own line of business, the others 96% come from entirely at exchange profit. And reflect in every accrual, its advocate business deal with concrete matters relating to work shows gain only 0.02 yuan. But compare last year the corresponding period, already decreased deficient 0.24 yuan.

"We are 34 years ago, begin to judge the situation of exchange rate, undertook seasonable adjustment to our indebted structure thereby. " Liu Shaoyong expresses to the reporter on the news briefing.

According to the data that southern aviation respect releases, its have breath is indebted amount to RMB 49.8 billion yuan, among them 96% with dollar valuation; And in 332 aircrafts that its own, of 60% also is the pattern that hires through financing is rented and be being managed is obtained, relevant charge already used dollar close an account mostly.

Shen Yinmo country studies the report is analysed, the dollar appreciates 1% pairs of southern aviation the promotion of every accrual " rise from 0.074 yuan of 2006 0.08 yuan " . And as since last year, of level of dollar interest rate reduce ceaselessly, level of its loan interest rate fell than 2006 2007 0.55 percent.

Under photograph comparing, ceaseless the oil price of tall look forward to, although repeatedly time concussion appears on the market company cost, but the big profit that appreciates in the RMB is good below, can be digested.
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