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Surtax of international course fuel is moved on airline next month
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International oil price again and again violent wind rises, drive domestic airline to also begin to go up tone fuel surtax. Yesterday, reporter from home the biggest electron passenger ticket acts as agent orgnaization, net of Youyi aviation journey learns, rose in June, hainan aviation (love, prices, information) company and southern aviation (love, prices, information) what international grows course fuel surtax is move to impose a standard on company general.   

The reporter understands, from June 1, 2008 (date giving a bill) case, the attune on Hainan airline about Euramerican wait for surtax of long-range course fuel to impose a standard, specific adjust for: Chinese inland and Europe, America, Africa and middle east course order every ship each paragraph standard of collection of surtax of every passenger fuel go up by 600 yuan of original RMBs tone is 800 yuan of RMBs (do not be restricted to sell ground) . In the meantime, southern airline grows course fuel surtax to collect standard adjustment to be to international: From June 1, 2008 (date giving a bill) case, between China and Europe, America, Australia, Africa, middle east; Between middle east and Africa; And the fuel surtax between Guangzhou and Lagesi imposes a standard, by original one-way the attune on 1200 yuan of RMBs is 600 yuan of RMBs, roundtrip Cheng one-way 800 yuan of RMBs, roundtrip Cheng 1600 yuan of RMBs. This the expropriation of fuel surtax presses boat paragraph collection, without any exempt, without acting poundage.   

It is reported, near future of the boat outside the much home such as aviation of Sha of Canadian boat, Germany Chinese, England go up moved fuel surtax. In the meantime, international oil price lasts violent wind rises, agreement of brunt of futures of Comex crude oil was in on May 22 Asian electron dish trade period of time breaks through 135 dollars / bucket. Domestic oil price also is begun to rise by concussion, cost of tax of fuel of the attune on domestic airline already was sure.

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