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915 predicting aviation carry overall development rate
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Airport of total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton manages vice director Diao Yonghai was being held here on October 16 " first aviation is carried develop forum with region economy " on express, "915 " during, chinese inland aviation carries overall development speed to predict to be controlled for 14 % , aviation carried total volume to achieve 50 billion ton kilometer 2010; Dimensions of group of entire industry aircraft achieves 1580 or so.

the construction with respect to the airport and development, shipping faces 3 big challenges. The first, compare with photograph of world aviation developed country, the development of our country airport still has certain difference. The 2nd, last as what demand for service of our country civil aviation measures high speed grows, the establishment capacity of a lot of airports already reached saturation or approach saturation. According to the pace is calculated first, at present the whole nation shares 60 airports already saturated or be about to achieve saturated status. The 3rd, construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model the airport already mentioned important the order of the day, in the meantime, aviation market area is changed, hub airport dominant is changed, operation low cost is changed, carriage mode intelligence is changed etc the trend is increasingly clear, to the management of airport of our country civil aviaton the job also raised taller requirement.

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