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915 keys of our country develop the product of 6 kinds of civil aviaton such as
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Committee of industry of national defence science and technology announces 26 days, "915 " during, industry of Chinese civil aviation will develop product of key civil aviation energetically, strive to be in engine of plane of large airlines, new branch line, new-style helicopter, global airlines, civil aviation, civil aviation is airborne 6 respects acquire facility progress.

National defence division is versed in appoint the countrywide civil aviation that held in Beijing organization that day says on conference of industrial statistic job, "915 " during, china will be in ability of construction of productivity of industrialization of product of key civil aviation, civil aviation, scientific research, own innovation and strengthen 5 respects such as industry government, hold to union of union of union of far and near, the army and the people, own research and development and international collaboration, develop plane of new branch line, large airlines, helicopter, engine and airborne device, enlarge subcontract production, advance industrialization.

National defence division is versed in appoint Li Benjian of section chief of civilian engine department says, outside removing product of key civil aviation, china " 915 " still will accelerate process of civil aviation industrialization, accelerate development of civil aircraft estate, sales revenue implementation breaks up two times, the key has made the sale of civil aircraft, enlarge scale of production of subcontract of civil aviation component, develop aviation dimension study at school energetically.

Enhance respect of productivity of civil aviation scientific research, the platform of research and development such as system of cable of engine of the large aircraft that builds Gao Shuiping mainly, branch line plane, helicopter, global airlines, aviation, integrated boat, transmission system; Strengthen civil aviation industry respect of own innovation ability, had organized civil aircraft to study beforehand special, do well further aviation pushs plan of technical test and verify, advance aviation manufacturing industry actively to digitlize a project.

Li Benjian discloses, "15 " during, china already broke through a batch of civil aircrafts to involve key technology, already 25 civil aircrafts study the project is versed in through national defence division beforehand appoint check and accept. Achievement of these scientific research of great and civil aircraft, for China civil aircraft development laid technical foundation, offer better technology to prop up lay in with the technology.

He expresses, national defence division is versed in appoint the government that regards Chinese civil aviation as industry is in charge of a branch, "915 " during will develop action of code and industrial program, normative market through making aviation industry, introduce competitive mechanism, stimulative system innovation, accelerate information to serve a base construction, build international technology economy the means such as cooperative channel, increase industry government strength, push civil aviation industry good rapid development.
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