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The flight in national aviation promotes operation efficiency
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Perpendicular interval flies to adjust promotion operation efficiency in national aviation

Beijing of China News Service on November 21 report (reporter Zhou Yin) carry the mission to ensure aviation of Olympic Games of 8 years of 00 2 Beijing with all one's strength, tubal construction enters sky of Olympic Games of Chinese civil aviaton to time. 22 days of zero hour rise this month, the plane of Chinese each airline will carry out new castigatory of civil aviaton total bureau " administration of the traffic in sky of Chinese civil aviation is regular " . Perpendicular interval flies to be adjusted highly in sky it is 300 meters.   
New standard went to before 9000 meters layer of headroom of 12 thousand meters of limits, widen 8900 meters go to twelve thousand five hundred meters, every other awaits high layer 300 meters for, flight number of plies increases to by 7 original 13.   

Come for years, airliner of Beijing capital airport leads a problem to perplexing civil aviaton fame and figure all the time normally. Also be the key problem that civil aviaton sky manages an orgnaization to strive to solve.   

The personage inside course of study thinks, civil aviaton is contractible the flight is perpendicular and removed move, to civil aviaton carrying trade it is materiality major interest is good: It is air route of airline benefit from benefit from is optimized, raised boat oil to use efficiency, managing boat oily cost; 2 was to lower rate of aviation incur loss through delay, because airliner incur loss through delay recoups brought compensatory loss,dropped airline, promoted the operation of the plane efficiency at the same time, those who promoted airline earnings level rise; 3 it is to be helpful for domestic line network and butt joint of international route network.   

Official of civil aviaton total bureau says, tomorrow zero hour, civil aviaton will carry out the flight in new sky perpendicular and removed height, current, civil aviaton various places already all finished Training Within Industry, modification regulations, equipment to upgrade, boat of the army and the people is harmonious wait for each soft, hardware to intend the work, undertook interim drilling. Look from drilling circumstance, did not discover big question, had already completely on schedule, the condition that perpendicular and removed height flies in executive sky in the round.   

Shortly of Olympic Games grand occasion, national aviation body makes reform also be advanced in development in. October 28 days, 3 runway run Beijing capital airport successful. The whole nation since zero hour narrowed perpendicular interval and area of terminal of the 2 Beijing end 8 years 00 Feburary fly to enable schedule in sky on November 22, chinese civil aviaton should promote an Olympic Games to ensure ability in the round, so that be Olympic Games service with all one's strength
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