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Choose the right time holidays can also buy discounted tickets
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Holidays, more people travel, ticket prices rise to varying degrees. Reporters from the city ticket agent point and travel agencies understand that ticket prices during the Mid-Autumn Day, "the middle of two high-low", choose the right time to buy cheap or discounted tickets. Domestic: middle of cheaper holidays
It is understood that during the Mid-Autumn National Day in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other routes, Xiamen, Kunming, Guilin tours have shown the high ticket prices low in the middle two movements. The Beijing line, for example, Mid-Autumn Festival on the eve of the Sept. 20-21 off the price of about 7, Mid-Autumn Festival at prices as low as 22,23 to 6 fold, but 24 off the price bounced back to 8-9.

Reporter learned from Taizhou China International Travel Service, the National Day on the eve of the September 25 -30 days to Beijing's local road and bridge fares are about 6 fold, 10 fold 1-5 March 5-7, October 6-7 prices back above 8 ,8-10 off the price higher, generally more than 9 fold.

Therefore recommended that members of the public, conditions permitting, the Mid-Autumn Festival may wish to travel ahead of time, or select the middle of holiday travel, and travel a few days earlier the National Day, holiday back in the middle, so that the fare-ray machine, a person can save several hundred dollars.

Exit line: Some airline ticket tension

This holiday season, some even break the public to choose outbound tourism. Ctrip Travel Network and other news from the travel sites learned during two sessions of the Mid-Autumn National Day, Taiwan, tight airline ticket, the price is higher than usual, seats are relatively tight.

Hong Kong, Macau is still relatively easy flight, ticket prices were not evident. Related events may be affected by the impact of the Southeast Asian routes in September than in August of votes to be short, very relaxed during the festival ticket price increases were not evident.

The European routes starting tight, it is understood, as World Expo and the European Tour began to enter the peak season, with September and October is also the opening quarter of the institutions of Europe, therefore, leaving tourists, students and business travelers will be focused on travel, air tickets Price also "gone", which spread to the Mid-Autumn Festival and therefore the National Day holiday. So to remind the general public, the best pre-trip tickets in advance.

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