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Spring Airlines discount tickets are not compensated accused of King terms
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Discussion on the recent warming "discount tickets are not compensation" issue, was widely questioned on suspicion of "King terms", Spring Airlines, said spokesman Zhang Wuan, Spring Airlines locate low-cost airline, flight delays are not compensation, not compensation. According to Economic Daily News reported on February 26, yesterday (February 25) to discuss the recent warming "discount tickets are not compensation" issue, Spring Zhangwu An airline spokesman said: "The targeting low-cost airline Spring Airlines companies do not compensate for flight delays, not compensation. " Zhang Wuan said that in June 2005, Spring Airlines difference to these Terms of Service apply to the CAAC for a hearing, listening to opinions from all sides in a wide range, the formation of differentiated services measures, and at the ticket outlets on the site and share in passenger Special tips to do before the vote, and to highlight the marked font, the passenger in the ticket before the reading, signing, or click on consent to be successful booking. Spring Airlines in accordance with the terms of service differentiation, the company reasons (including flight planning, flight deployment, maintenance and transportation services obligations) caused flight delays more than 4 hours and until 22:00 pm after the cancellation of flights and plans, the company for travelers FREE standard rooms with toilet facilities. In addition, for whatever reason delayed or canceled flights, not to provide any compensation or damages. Then interviewed found it "for whatever reason delayed or canceled flights, not to provide any compensation or fees" that was widely questioned on suspicion of "King terms" and questioned in the performance of airlines "to decide between services" power at the same time, ignoring the interests of consumers, legitimate unreasonable. Spring Airlines in the Civil Aviation Administration of China "on the Spring and Autumn Airlines passenger service between the approved" document, approved the second point does the reporter saw wrote: "In view of rules and regulations yet to free meals on the plane and beverage supply, mandatory requirements for compensation for flight delays, according to your company by the General Administration of Civil Aviation Act and the guidance to decide between services. " In other words, the "flight delay" is compensation, how to compensate, Spring Airlines can really decide. Also noted that the Civil Aviation Administration approval following the advice of these documents are: "Companies should not only suggest that you consider the needs of their own development, but also attach importance to the interests of consumers." It is worth pondering, from the center of things consumers CAAC Consumer Protection Committee and the Shanghai Airport office that recently, due to the spring and the weather and other factors, complaints continued to increase in air passengers, and Spring Airlines also significantly complaints higher than other airlines. Insiders also said frankly, from a realistic terms, the current low-cost carriers can not afford too many obligations to do otherwise would be difficult to survive, especially as Spring Airlines launched in 2009 1000000 "99" series of special fares for this, from the aviation costs, difficult to undertake other services. National Civil Aviation Authority pursuant to the "economic compensation for flight delays guidance," other airlines due to their own causes more than 4 hours in accordance with the provisions of flight delays is the need to bear some liability, Spring Airlines, "no compensation under any circumstances" to some extent is kind of special case, the rationality for this special case has been controversial.
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