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Ningbo port and shipping industry the contrarian self Lu spring
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"Winter comes, can spring be far behind," which now Ningbo port and shipping industry as the most popular inspirational motto. Despite the current market, there are worries about the future port and shipping enterprises, but still confident in Ningbo port and shipping industry, have launched the "production self-help movement." In the "crisis" in the search "machine" of the port and shipping enterprises, so that people began to touch the trace of spring. Hunters against the current "crisis" Now, Ningbo Heng Co., Ltd. in one of the busy sea: Xintian the two ships into the Yangtze River will transport team, the staff are busy relevant preparatory work. "As we predicted in advance to adjust the shipping industry, with customers signed long-term cooperation agreement, thus ensuring a stable supply." Ningbo Heng, general manager of Sea You Yinsi said. Recently, shipping Co., Ltd. Ningbo Tiansheng load 97,615 tons of "Tian Sheng 15" wheels put into operation as scheduled. Zhenhai District, the parties concerned by the active consultations between the company and Singapore and Shanghai reached a preliminary intention of shipping companies: the two 30 million dwt in capacity building located in the town of. Meanwhile, Ningbo Longsheng shipping companies to seize the water transport market decline, the timing of ship sale and purchase lower cost, aimed at second-hand ships abroad. Currently, the company has two 40,000 t bulk carrier reached a preliminary sale and purchase intention. In addition, the city has three water transport enterprises have been opened, the other four companies are also busy opening preparation or application. In the financial tsunami sweeping the world, when the shipping industry is the trend and Ningbo, and continue to grow and develop. The city's port and shipping management department statistics show that in September last year a historic breakthrough in water transport capacity after 300 million dwt, to the end of 2008, Ningbo total of 738 various types of operation of ships, capacity to 3,100,400 dwt, with a total capacity increase of 18.25%, ranking first in Zhejiang Province. Enterprises moving trend, for the shipping industry brought a trace of warmth. Transportation Association of Ningbo City, secretary general of shipping high doctrine: "the shipping company to buck the trend move, both the wisdom and the table was courage, not only conducive to their growth, but also conducive to enhancing confidence in the industry to boost morale." Steady rolling "chassis" internal strength Winning Despite the severe impact of the financial crisis, with nearly 60-year-old shipping company in Ningbo last year, still finished the annual goal: to continue to adjust capacity, is currently under construction, four ships started; strengthen the cooperation with old clients; stable volume of business ; consolidate existing routes ... ... "The shipping industry itself has its own cycle, so we started very early to prepare for winter." Ningbo Min Chu, general manager of shipping company said. According to reports, Shipping, hit the "combined": the consolidation of the original partners, opening up new market resources; opportunistic "hunters," reserve more capacity to further improve the utilization of the ship; in maintaining the inherent advantages on the basis of energy transport development of diversified industries. Port and Shipping Management believes that the shipping companies, "Zhan Zhuang moves" is a sensible response to the current crisis strategy. "Zhan Zhuang" is a strategy to prepare, "moves" is a policy enforcement. The more the economic downturn in the environment, the more we should stand firm "chassis," Enhancing "static stance", to keep standing. When the gas enough, the chassis when the calm, "moves" will have a chance of winning. Now as the first practice opportunity, "Strength", for the next step and lay a solid foundation for further development. "A few years ago, the maritime industry flourished, the shipping medium and small enterprises to focus both on the production, internal management just to get by. Now take advantage of the financial crisis has led to water transport market downturn of the machine, make up the internal management of the lesson and improve the overall level of . "said general manager of a shipping company. Insiders pointed out that the current shipping companies are three dimensions Enhancing "internal strength", including: increasing the ship repair and maintenance efforts; strengthen the training of the crew to improve the quality of the crew, crew training and to encourage research; focus on corporate culture, improve the internal management system, use to create such a vehicle to promote virtual reality and so on. Vertical and horizontal initiative Financial crisis led to Ningbo port throughput growth continued to slow. "In the face of winter, not retreat, can not let problems overwhelm, but rather the need to contrarian, to meet the difficulties and the line." Ningbo Port Group, the official said. To this end, Ningbo Port Group has carefully studied the current market trends, a bold strategic thinking to adjust to the past "to produce as the center" to "to operate as the center", take the initiative to market in the market for development. It is understood that, in order to strengthen the container transport, Ningbo Port Group will vigorously the introduction of quality, features routes, active development to India, Russia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and other emerging markets, routes, and strive to increase the main navigation areas and emerging trade area capacity , to secure more routes converge in Ningbo Port to achieve "FOB Ningbo"; the establishment of domestic box expansion team, in-depth supply market to find suitable container, promote the Zhejiang coast, north-south trunk, the Yangtze River in the domestic transit network construction, the domestic trade Container Development Container become an important growth point. At the same time, deepening and domestic cooperation in port and pier, extending north and south sources of supply network and attract more transit cargo to the port of Ningbo; opening of the rail transport train as soon as possible, to expand Jiangxi, Hunan and other provinces hinterland, promoting Jinhua, Yiwu and Jiangxi Shangrao and other places of the "dry port" construction, increase and Wenzhou port, Taizhou Port and Jiaxing Port and other ports of the strategic alliance and cooperation. Zhejiang PMB official said that this year will accelerate the establishment of a government-led Ningbo - Zhoushan Port development investment and financing platform. Ningbo City will invest 4.3 billion fund to support the port construction. "Internal affairs" and "domestic" simultaneously in parallel, to Ningbo port and shipping enterprises in a difficult 2009, saw a ray of hope.
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