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Federation of Trade Unions 7 7% civil unions for pay increases
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Gradually dissipated the haze financial crisis, Hong Kong will be increased passenger volume, more record breaking heights, greatly increased the workload of the aviation industry employees. However, the FTU's 7th largest civil aviation trade union pointed out that the ground handling, maintenance, freight and other long-term low salaries, not only without a reasonable pay rise, were canceled over the past few years or even transport allowance and year-end bonuses, more recently exploited oil workers meal breaks. 7 pound large trade unions will be related to the Airport issued an open letter demanding a pay rise next year, not less than 7%, while the resumption of payment of transportation allowance to employees, year-end double pay and additional staff. 7 large trade unions pointed out that the Airport Authority to avoid the recent figures released by the Hong Kong International Airport from July to September of this year's total of 1,350 passengers million, increasing by 14.3%, cargo also recorded an increase of 18.4%; and self- the airport from Kai Tak to Chek Lap Kok, the already has 34 elected by the international community, "World's Best Airport", but the reputation for hard work behind it is the employee's. Low wages and the resignation of new employees within one month Unions pointed out that the airport ground services, for example, the entry of the new baggage cargo handling contract workers, overtime without the extra income, with allowance for a monthly salary of only about 7,000 yuan, plus the airport is located in the remote, commute time, work difficult, many new recruits resigned less than a month to go to work, causing a serious shortage of manpower. Hong Kong Airport Services union said Mr Li Yongfu, a ground handling company in September to employ 500 temporary employees, but 480 people leave within a week, it is the continuing shortage of hands, the staff workload increased. He also pointed out that oil companies have recently received complaints that the fuel staff, employers from the September start, cancel 1 hour for lunch each day, at least dozens of people affected. 6.5% economic growth, a reasonable salary increase of 7% Workers General Union, Hong Kong Civil Airlines Chairman Chang Shu Wang pointed out that relocation of the airport before most employees will receive transport allowance, the amount depending on their region, ranging from 10 to 40 yuan per day varies, but a lot of the traffic staff allowance and year-end bonus, has the financial crisis in 1999 and 2003, "SARS" when being cut or canceled. The union believes that employees and employers through the hard times over the years, the current economic upturn has not share the results, the Government forecasts 6.5% economic growth this year, the inflation rate was 3.8%, at least 7% pay increase next year is a reasonable demand.
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