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Basketball sign-off event in Qingdao Liaoning snow do not know whether to book
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Heavy snow since yesterday in Shenyang, Liaoning Men scheduled for the evening flights were canceled flights to Qingdao, the time to leave this afternoon. Tomorrow will be away to Liaoning, Qingdao Double Star Basketball. The team hopes to arrive a day early, so familiar venues for players to adapt to the game entered the state. However, the preparation of this plan but because of heavy snow yesterday was forced to run aground. After learning the news of canceled flights, the reporter made the first deputy leader of Liaoning Basketball Wu Di, the way he is rushed to the airport immediately with the team back. Di Wu said, when to leave will have to see the specific situation. At the airport, the reporter saw the situation is to communicate with the box office at the Liaoning basketball coach Guo Shiqiang. See the news, he said he had just received the news of canceled flights. "Tomorrow the team have to go, may be set to tomorrow afternoon flight, but the specific situation of Han, there are not set to I do not know, which go back and ask, and you get back to it," said Guo Shiqiang. According to the latest reporter has learned, Liaoning, 1:25 pm Men's Basketball will be starting today, I hope this snow will not be the team's new season opener a major impact.
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