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Hang net purchase special ticket is 1,000 yuan
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Yesterday, Mr. Yang to the newspaper reflect the community, he found a Web site selling discounted airline tickets, booked two special votes, but the fare fight is over, the other phone Moren Jie, and not only did not set the ticket back home Also defrauded 1,000 yuan. "I was too anxious to go home buying, he was a liar advantage of the loophole, before I were to buy a ticket directly to the airport." Yang said. Bought two tickets online money beguiled special According to Mr. Yang introduced a few days ago, he was ready to buy air tickets back home in Chongqing. He Baidu search special fares, click on the front pages of several comparison, looked at the price, found a cheap ticket fares on behalf of Sale site. At that time, he saw that the website has special fares to Chongqing, the two 1380 and is very cheap, if you buy that night, then directly to the airport, a person will fare of 1,500 yuan. So he Decided to buy two from December 19 to Chongqing Dalian, special fares to fill out personal information online. "Fill out personal information, I called the site remain the contact telephone number, speak to each other a little bit of Hainan accent, he said so I hit the money directly out of the past after the vote, said to enter the verification code, verification code is the card's balance. I use internet banking transfer to Exchange 1380 later, also entered the 532.19 (balance). " Submission is successful, Mr. Yang to give each other phone calls, the other party does not pick up. Yang also used to fight someone else's phone to each other for a return phone calls, telephone communication, the person asked him if he filled out personal information, if the information is filled in Was to send your money and then hung up. Yang realized that he might be fooled to ask your friend again to give each other a telephone call. "My friends asked, other airlines say they are one of outlets." DaYangXianWu Chan said. People: to the regular site to buy more insurance special fares For this, the reporter interviewed a number of special ticket purchased from the online people, they are special fares that can not yield to the temptation to buy a small cheap, go directly to the airline's official website to buy, or to the regular large Based website to buy more insurance. "I work in Dalian, hometown in Sichuan. Last year 'Eleventh' want to go home to see, I'll log in one month in advance airline's official website View this information, see the appropriate ticket To fill in the online information (identity, phone number), then pay, payment received after the success of the airline sent me the information, know this special set to vote, it relieved. "Ms. Wang said. Airlines: Passengers are advised to purchase the official website Subsequently, the reporter called the Dalian airport ticketing company. Dalian Airport ticketing company official said passengers buy tickets online to the airline's official website the best to order, or directly to the airport ticket Tickets. Get the tickets after the airline customer can call to verify whether the ticket. Do not believe the number of hawker discount ticket information on the card, nor to some non-regular ticket sales sites buy Buy Da Zhepiao. In addition, do not they are cheap, cheap tickets to see, you can call ahead to ask the airline ticket the same day that the price of flights as compared to that, if the price difference between the two great Proposed visitors is best not to buy.
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