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The name explains civil aviaton major
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Does 1. what is meant by air corridor?
Air corridor, it is passageway of the flight in the air that there is 4-5 kilometer breadth each in the two side that connected a line at 2 o'clock, the flight between dot and dot is carried out inside corridor for aerostat. Set the goal of air corridor, it is to make aerostat undertakes strictly flying according to corridor, avoid aerostat to enter the limitative area besides corridor. The big city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Shenyang sets air corridor. The plane goes to the airport of these big cities, in the sky cannot fly across a city to go to the airport directly at will, must fly to designation place first (namely corridor mouth) , next along air corridor, fly to the airport to descend again.
2. civil aviation implement citizenship mark?
The civil aviation of every country on the world implement (a kind the plane is aerostat) have citizenship sign, want to obtain the self-identity of international Civil Aviation Organization. China is the member country of international Civil Aviation Organization, according to international regulation, chose 1974 " B " the countryman in regarding as indicates with the citizenship of aerostat. Always must besmear on airframe of plane of Chinese civil aviaton have " B " mark and number, so that be in,air traffic control of radio connection, navigation, communication communicates in use, issue call in circumstance of wreck of be in danger especially, with benefit at identifying. Accordingly, 757 planes are like the Boeing that sees when you besmear has badge of flying eagle of Chinese southwest airline to write down " B-2820 " when model of written characters, won't think by accident " B " it is a delegate " Boeing " .
3. why doesn't civil aviaton plane have parachute?
If you often take a plane, meeting discovery did not provide parachute on the plane. Because,this is if every passenger provides a parachute, with respect to the weight that can add an airplane greatly, and can occupy go a lot of spaces, affect the battalion carry ability of the plane greatly; Besides, passengers are not everybody can master parachute jumping skill; The mainest is, the plane is in headroom high speed flies, with general parachute motion and low altitude leave aircraft different, although send,unripe accident also cannot open port parachute. Nowadays, the function of civil aviaton plane is more and more advanced, safety factor is extremely high. In need not fearing the plane is flying, accordingly you can be met outside sending the trade.
Why can 4. in the sky be the airport to keep turning sometimes circle?
This kind of circumstance basically has tripartite face reason.
It is the plane adjusts direction to aim track ceaselessly, next slip that set according to traffic control center land.
2 it is the plane that lands sometimes too much, issue slip and approach to be taken up, the plane must comply with boat manages director, queue up to land by order in sky, the plane turns circle inevitable.
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