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The condition that the passenger seizes the opportunity
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According to laws and regulations of civil aviaton law and civil aviaton convention, when taking civil aviaton plane, the following passenger, carrier has authority to reject its to seize the opportunity (but the requirement that if accord with carrier,sets, agree beforehand via carrier, after making necessary arrangement at the same time, also can grant carry) .

1. Accompany children without the adult (but in recent years, civil aviaton was rolled out come in the light of 5 one full year of life the unmanned company children between 12 one full year of life carries business, namely small traveler a thousand li " walk along Chan Qi " ) ;
2. Ill incomplete passenger (ill incomplete passenger is in hold county town the illness of medical treatment unit of class above " diagnostic certificate " , the ability after classics carrier agrees can seize the opportunity, "Diagnostic certificate " must be fill inside before the airliner takes off 96 hours, of be in a bad way must be 48 hours of less than before the airliner takes off are filled) ;
3. Pregnant woman (bosom pregnancy is in 32 weeks inside, if do not have special situation, can board the plane by regular fare, pregnancy exceeds 32 weeks, beard classics carrier allows, prove to just can seize the opportunity related hold. Expected date of childbirth is decided in 4 weeks of less than or inaccuracy, foregone the condition that labor for much embryo or predicts to have childbirth complication, acceptance of consignment can reject his to seize the opportunity) ;
4. The blind;
5. Deaf person;
6. The special fare such as convict.
Contagion patient, madman or healthy circumstance can endanger oneself or affect the passenger of other fare safety, carrier does not grant acceptance of consignment, if this kind of passenger wants to seize the opportunity, can choose charter flight only.

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