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Id is missing how to board the plane
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Encounter this kind of situation you can need not anxious, 3 kinds of methods can see your a pressing need completely, it is by oneself mechanism of public security of seat of registered permanent residence opens Id losing proof, address of full name, age, family, date of expiration mentions expressly to wait in the proof, the photograph of near future without hat that sticks oneself builds official seal of public security mechanism; 2 it is to Id losing mechanism of ground public security reports the loss, issue by mechanism of this public security report the loss proof, the place in proving content is the same as the first is narrated; 3 it is the registered permanent residence that carries oneself this or employee's card, recommendation or other the effective certificate that can prove the identity, to mechanism of civil aviaton public security (await in the airport have inside engine office be on duty place) application is opened board the plane temporarily proof, because if was not carried in afore-mentioned effective certificate between nonlocal brigade date of departure, can seek advice to mechanism of public security of nearby civil aviaton solve.
So, id is encountered to lose before taking a plane when you or by pilfer when, before two kinds when if time is abundant,can choose 3 kinds of afore-mentioned methods, if draw near,board the plane can seek office of civil aviaton public security directly. Be sure to keep in mind to want to be dealt with by the regulation seize the opportunity to buy ticket formalities, cannot use the id card of others or use bogus certificate fluky " enter close " , otherwise, not only airline ticket becomes invalid, cancel to board the plane qualification, the certificate that borrow or forges is confiscated lawfully by mechanism of civil aviaton public security, oneself also should be punished by public security, fall " compensate the madam is folded again arms " end. ,

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