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The student holds card by what confidential begs
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Since January 29 whole town each middle and primary school begins to be on winter vocation, middle and primary school is born to go out along with the parent visit his family to visit friend or travel also grow in quantity, reporter yesterday from Nanjing salary mouth the International Airport installs check duty room to understand, middle and primary school is born to hold effective certificate by confidential.

The basis sets related the country, 18 years old did not handle dweller identity document below, issue by mechanism of local public security temporarily identification is bought ticket and seize the opportunity; 16 years old of the following minor, buy a ticket by student's identification card, booklet of registered residence or temporary residence permit, seize the opportunity; 12 years old of the following children, by half-price ticket or very one of airline ticket, bring identity document of the exempt from examinations when check, but when buying a ticket, need to show the corresponding certificate that can prove its give unripe date.

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