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Chinese flight is basic and regular
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General principles of the first chapter

The first to uphold sovereignty of national territorial air, the flight activity of churchyard of normative People's Republic of China, safety of safeguard flight activity has order ground to undertake, draft this regulation.
The unit that administer of the 2nd every has aerostat, individual and the personnel that concern with the flight reach its flight activity, must abide by this regulation.
All to churchyard flight executes the 3rd country centralized flight control.
The flight control of whole nation of leader of committee of air traffic control of council of the 4th the State Council, central war works.
The controller of unit of the 5th aviation abides by this regulation to be in charge of to this unit. The member that pilot is comprised to this air duty abides by this regulation to be in charge of.
Unit of the 6th each aviation is in organization and in executive flight, ought to coordinate cooperate, the bulletin concerns a situation.
The 7th organization and executive flight, ought to according to the flight beforehand, flight prepares directly, the flight is carried out and the phase such as flight comment and appraise undertakes. The specific content of flight phase and requirement, by regulation of proper motion of each aviation management department.
All the 8th units that concern with the flight, personnel has the responsibility that assures flight safety, must abide concerned regulations system, take the step that prevents an accident actively, make sure the flight is safe.
Through the flight of approval, concerned airport and branch ought to do good organization director and duty safeguard work seriously.
The 9th flight personnel is in the flight, must be subject to direct, abide by discipline and operating rules strictly, deal with correctly the circumstance in sky. Encounter special situation, civil aviation implement pilot, to assure civil aviation implement the safety that reachs its place to carry personnel, have right to civil aviation implement make provenance place; Be not civil aviation implement pilot (odd perhaps an aerostat air man, similarly hereinafter) be in cannot when ask for instructions, to aerostat deal with have final power to make decisions.
Management department of the 10th each aviation establishs the standard that concerns with the flight, ought to accord with this regular regulation.

Airspace of the 2nd chapter manages

Eleventh airspace management ought to maintain national security, aerial of civil, for military use needs give attention to two or morethings and public interest, unite a program, use airspace effectively.
Dozenth of an airspace delimit set ought to consider national security, flight construction of installation of ability of control of need, flight and communication, navigation, radar and airport distributing, the element such as environmental protection.
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