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Regulation of civil airport zone
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General principles of the first chapter

The first uses the government of airport area to strengthen this citizen, promote the construction of civil airport area and development, ensure the safe operation of civil airport, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests that is stationed in an unit, passenger and consignor, basis " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " with concerned law, code, combine this city actual condition, enact this ordinance.

This the 2nd byelaw applies to this city administer civil airport area (area of airport of the following abbreviation) and the administrative activity that protection of the airport program and control related to airport area, headroom, noise affects. The industry government of civil aviation concerns a regulation to carry out according to law, administrative regulations and country.

The airport area that this the 3rd byelaw place weighs, include area of Pudong International Airport and rainbow bridge International Airport area. The town planning that the limits basis of airport area approves lawfully is affirmatory, include airport paddock river, enclosure, crawl the area of less than of the other perhaps facilities that surround a bound, and the area of building of urban boat station beyond the establishment that surround a bound. This byelaw place says be stationed in an unit, it is to point to institution of the mechanism inside airport area, organization, enterprise and other organization. The airport that this byelaw place weighs controls an area, it is the area that shows the pass in and out that needs delimit according to aviation safety is restricted, include to await machine segregation area, baggage to divide area of activity of check loading area, aerostat, aerostat to maintain area and goods to deposit an area to wait. The communal and open area that this byelaw place weighs, it is to point to to was opposite inside airport area discrepancy of personnel, car gives limitative area, include communal parking lot, road, business affairs and public place of entertainment and the communal and open part that await machine building to wait.

Office of committee of management of airport of the 4th Shanghai (airport of city of the following abbreviation does) government of exercise city people is right the administration function of airport area, responsible organization carries out this byelaw. Shanghai airport (group) limited company (company of group of airport of the following abbreviation) the construction of responsible airport, operation and the common office management related its, and the accredit of this byelaw is in according to airport area carries out administration to punish lawfully. The administration department such as sanitation of afforest of land of this city town planning, building, public security, industrial and commercial administration, traffic, municipal project, public utility, afforestation, the appearance of a city and environment, environmental protection, atmosphere, sanitation, and discrepancy condition checks an orgnaization (include custom, frontier defence to check sanitation of condition of inspection agency of orgnaization, import and export merchandise, discrepancy quarantine orgnaization, move plant quarantine orgnaization, similarly hereinafter) according to respective duty, carry out this byelaw in coordination.
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