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Regulations of total bureau of Chinese civil aviation makes a program set
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General principles of the first chapter

The first for regulations of normative civil aviaton establish a program, assure quality of civil aviaton regulations, promote lawfully administration, basis " law of legislation of People's Republic of China " and " regulations makes program rules " , regulations of combinative civil aviaton makes the work actual, make this provision.

What this the 2nd regulation calls civil aviaton regulations, it is to point to total bureau of Chinese civil aviation (total bureau of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) the administrative regulations according to law and the State Council, decision and command, make inside the attributive limits of cadre door, perhaps concern a branch to be made jointly inside respective attributive limits with the State Council, the normative sex file that the form that with civil aviaton total bureau makes announces. Branch of function of civil aviaton total bureau, civil aviaton total bureau management board of civil aviaton district is made and perhaps release external involve administration sexual file does not get the benefit of opposite human rights, compulsory, other standard that has general sanction to be touched with balance of civil aviaton regulations.

Regulations of the 3rd civil aviaton can be made with the name of civil aviaton total bureau only, the function branch of civil aviaton total bureau must not make regulations with his name.

The 4th makes civil aviaton regulations, ought to follow following principle:

(one) national legal system integrates a principle;
(2) legal powers and authorities of office and program make according to principle;
(3) powers and authorities of office and responsibility appearance unanimity principle;
(4) defend citizen legal person and other organization principle of legitimate rights and interests;
(5) guarantee an executive authority lawfully principle of exercise powers and authorities of office.

Orgnaization of legal system of total bureau of the 5th civil aviaton (orgnaization of legal system of the following abbreviation) the guidance that is in charge of making the work to regulations and supervise, assume regulations to draft a plan collect, examine supervise wait for the job, be in charge of undertaking with orgnaization of legal system of orgnaization of legal system of countrywide National People's Congress, the State Council connection, harmonious reach regulations to put on record the job.
The project approving application that branch of function of civil aviaton total bureau is in charge of regulations, draft and organize the work that draft. The legal job department that sky of civil aviaton total bureau runs management board of district of bureau, civil aviaton is in charge of the research inside the attributive limits in this unit implementing the measure of civil aviaton law, code, regulations and measure, examine what law of civil aviaton of cadre door basis, code, regulations drafts to implement the particular system that implement, provision, offer legislative proposal.
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