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Civil aviaton imports goods to run temporary measure
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Mix as our country foreign trade external the development that economic technology communicates, the amount of airborne import goods grows quickly, job of airport scanty use is increasingly onerous. Be on the move to quicken airport goods, avoid keep long in stock, make following provisional provisions especially:
One, the unit that every uses airborne import goods, entrusting when company of trade of the foreign trade that runs this commodity to import business to counterpoise, labour orders goods, must press suffer the requirement that entrusts an unit to fill in seriously entrance indent, among them client one column should mention expressly unit full name and detailed address, make clear contact full name and telephone number.
2, because bargainor responsibility causes import content,be in short supply or damage, need to put forward to the bargainor claim for compensation and reissue when goods, by order goods the company is dealt with external formerly. Because of special situation, do oneself with money unit by the entrance, must ask the bargainor makes clear contract size, consignee on carry sheet (company of the motion outside entrusting or branch of other freight representative undertake acting, company of the motion outside filling or branch of other freight representative) , inform conduction result in time order goods formerly company.
3, the limits of division of labor that company of trade of foreign trade, labour ought to taste according to the management importer of approval, accept entrust order goods. To needing the goods of import licence, if did not handle appropriate license,the entrance uses money unit, company of trade of foreign trade, labour must not be accepted. Company of trade of foreign trade, labour ought to be mixed strictly according to indent of entrance of concerned regulation examine and verify write number of Ma head code name. The compositive structure that ought to master Ma head to label seriously about business personnel, arrange strictly according to the order of every code name, do not get conversed, fault to write with increase and decrease. Company of trade of the foreign trade that new approval establishs, labour, ought to be since the day of approval department of trade of classics of introversion of a month (carriage bureau) code name of head of application conduction Ma. Have not apply for, uniform fill inside a month since the day that allots in this method do procedure. Any units must not be made up oneself and use the code name of other unit. Classics trade department (carriage bureau) the Ma head code name that ought to use to company of trade of each foreign trade, labour, undertake check and clearing regularly.
4, company of trade of foreign trade, labour signs contract of airborne import goods external, ought to strive for use FOB price (the price that the bargainor pays goods buyer to appoint a plane to go up) clause, use aircraft of our country civil aviaton adequately, the airborne representative that carries company or branch of other freight representative are in abroad outside make the most of. In the contract provision that company of trade of foreign trade, labour signs external, ought to sufficient
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