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International of goods of Shenzhen civil aviation carries regulation
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General principles of the first chapter

The first management that carries to strengthen pair of goods international aviation, protect the legitimate rights and interests of carrier, consignor and consignee, safeguard normal international aviation to carry order, basis " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " the concerned provision that communal aviation carries the 9th order, draft this regulation.

The communal aviation transportation enterprises that this the 2nd regulation applies to law of according to People's Republic of China to establish uses civil aviation implement ship goods and the international aviation of collection pay is carried, also apply to communal aviation transportation enterprises (weigh carrier below) use civil aviation implement deal with free goods international aviation to carry.

This the 3rd regular and following choice of words, in removing specific provision outside having a regulation additionally, the meaning is as follows:
(One) " convention " , it is to point to what apply to this to carry according to contract provision to was in what Warsaw signs on October 12, 1929 " the convention that unites international aviation to carry certain regulation " and " the protocol of the treaty that amends the unified international aviation that signed in Warsaw on October 12, 1929 to carry certain regulation " .
(2) " carrier " , it is to show the support of the people of acceptance of consignment that includes to publish air-freight sheet carries goods, agreement to carry goods to perhaps agree offer all carrier that carry any other services that concern with this aviation.
(3) " procuratorial " , it is to point to classics carrier accredit, acting carrier is engaged in concerning mobile anybody with freightage, but the has a regulation additionally except in this regulation.
(4) " consignor " , it is to point to conclude with carrier freightage contract, its name appears in air-freight sheet the person inside consignor column.
(5) " consignee " , it is to show carrier gives goods air-freight sheet is carried inside consignee column bright person.
(6) " air-freight is odd " , it is the preliminary evidence that aviation freightage contract concludes and traffic condition and carrier accept goods.
(7) " goods " , it is to point to eliminate post or by " passenger ticket and luggage check " outside carriage baggage, already by or will by civil aviation implement carriage article, include the baggage that carries by air-freight sheet.

The 4th carrier deals with goods international aviation to carry, ought to abide by People's Republic of China and the law that the country concerns in carriage process and regulation.

The 5th goods carries by charter flight, ought to sign charter flight contract by charter flight person and carrier, state applicable freight rate and its condition in charter flight contract; Did not state, what ought to apply to the concerned condition of contract of this charter flight clearly.
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