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Chinese civilian helps aid regulation with conveyor field lash-up
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General principles of the first chapter

The first is made for all sorts of emergencies that happen effectively to civil carriage airport quick response, take proper step, avoid or reduce personal casualty and belongings loss, basis " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " the 6th chapter is mixed the 62nd times " People's Republic of China searchs for rescuing civil aviation implement regulation " reach " civil airport administers provisional regulation " the 5th regulation, draft this regulation.

This the 2nd regulation applies to civil carriage airport (airport of the following abbreviation) reach its all sorts of emergencies that happen inside adjacent area. The department inside the airport and its vicinity area shows the airport surrounds bound less than to reach be apart from the airport standard position selects the area inside 8 kilometers limits.
Advanced money sets the emergencies that happens outside area, according to " People's Republic of China searchs for rescue civil aviation implement regulation " carry out.
This regular place says emergencies is to show aerostat or airport are inherent establishment happening, likelihood produces serious damage and the condition that cause concerned personal casualty.

Administration of the 3rd airport ought to make airport lash-up rescuing plan according to this regulation, responsible airport reachs his to be coordinated what all sorts of emergencies lash-up inside adjacent area come to help in the round.
When executive lash-up comes to help, the unit that participates in lash-up to come to help and individual ought to be subject to the unified command of center of airport lash-up rescuing command.

Emergencies classifies the 2nd chapter to help aid social estate with lash-up
Emergencies of the 4th airport includes aerostat emergencies and blame aerostat emergencies.
Aerostat emergencies:
(one) aerostat crashs;
(2) the breakdown in aerostat sky;
(3) aerostat is disturbed illegally, include to hijack, explosive is minatory;
(4) aerostat and aerostat barge against;
(5) aerostat and fraise barge against;
(6) the other emergencies that involves aerostat.
Be not aerostat emergencies:
(one) minatory to the explosive of airport facilities;
(2) building be on fire;
(3) dangerous article pollution;
(4) natural disaster;
(5) medical emergency;
(6) the other emergencies that does not involve aerostat.

The lash-up of emergencies of the 5th aerostat saves aid grade cent to be:
(one) urgent dispatch: Already produced the emergencies such as aerostat crash, explosion, on fire, serious damage, each come to help the unit ought to dispatch instantly by the instruction, drive with the rapiddest rate go to trouble spot;
(2) build up on call: Aerostat malfunctions in sky, produce aerostat crash, explosion, on fire, serious damage likely at any time, or aerostat gets the emergencies such as illegal interference, each come to help the unit ought to be in by the instruction appoint a place to build up;
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