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Electronic airline ticket how return a ticket and change the date
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Accept application: If the client has the need of change the date or return a ticket to be able to dial 400-818-9588 of customer service phone, submit application of your return a ticket, change the date.
Airline ticket affirms: Whether was the airline ticket that customer service personnel can check you inside 10 minutes after receiving a client to apply for used, whether to allow return a ticket, change the date by airline regulation.
Retreat change deal with: In affirm airline ticket allows to retreat after changing, our customer service personnel can withdraw the return a ticket that changes a regulation to deal with airline ticket for you and service of change the date according to each airline. According to each airline retreat change a regulation, when the user conducts the return a ticket of electronic airline ticket and service of change the date, if journey sheet has been printed, need makes a journey sheet rear can deal with.
Bill section returns: After refund is successful, the system will be automatic the paragraph returns the ticket that will deducted poundage of return a ticket to pay a bank account to yours, whether did inquiry of client of announcement of intercurrent short message or Email, phone already arrive account. The likelihood differs as a result of each bank, control account in a week commonly.

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