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Of electronic airline ticket book knowledge
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The bar of electronic passenger ticket that the member needs to be appointed to the airport by the original of effective identity document that uses when buying a ticket is dealt with seize the opportunity to register formalities, evidence of gotten electronic passenger ticket, boarding check and effective identity document are held to deal with the formalities that install check later
Electronic passenger ticket cannot be signed turn to other airline
Proof of electronic passenger ticket is buy electronic passenger ticket submit an expense account proof, also be the certificate that handles other procedure at the same time, be like: Baggage inquiry, safe examination
The period of efficacy of electronic passenger ticket and common passenger ticket are identical
T4 couplet and boarding check must be held when electronic passenger ticket submits an expense account square but
Electronic passenger ticket and traditional airline ticket are same, can change according to airline regulation, the lot turns with return a ticket, but hold T4 couplet just can deal with return a ticket
Have the guest of special requirement to etc of children, baby, passenger of the incomplete that be like disease, pregnant woman, because need to deal with concerned special service formalities, reason cannot use electronic passenger ticket temporarily
If the fare that every buys electronic passenger ticket needs return a ticket, do not grant to return ready money, the member that the website is booked will withdraw ticket fund directly inside the credit card account that returns you
Passenger at latest should take off before 30 minutes in the airliner before do appropriate to seize the opportunity by the regulation formalities

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