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How to submit an expense account electronic passenger ticket
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If you want to submit an expense account airline ticket, print journey sheet with respect to need -- use for you only as the proof that submit an expense account, nonfeasance boards the plane proof. If the guest need not submit an expense account, can not print submit an expense account proof, deal with by effective certificate directly board the plane. At present orgnaization of airline ticket representative offers airport airline bar to be printed directly, or take a bank note to bar of company of the urban district, airport, perhaps send a bill, direct perhaps mail sends a client.
Among them, the most convenient is to mail submit an expense account proof means, specific address tells when the phone is booked, or it is to getting online when booking, had written receive an address, orgnaization of airline ticket representative can take off in the airliner after the following day, mail journey sheet to you, this locality is sent inside a week about, the other place is made an appointment with two send inside week (if the passenger was not received, will fill with ordinary mail means send a bill) .
Nevertheless, the journey that some companies also ask boarding check, mail affirms serves as at the same time submit an expense account credential, need is in set out understanding of forward and financial department is clear.

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