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The concept of electronic passenger ticket
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Electronic passenger ticket is the electronic form of airline ticket of average paper quality, electronic passenger ticket is in par information memory in revising a system, can implement a bill like paper ticket, become invalid, return a ticket, change, change turn the operation such as the autograph. Current, it regards the most advanced passenger ticket on the world as the form, rely on contemporary IT, implementation is changed without paper, the electron changes order ticket, checkout and deal with seize the opportunity the whole process such as formalities, bring to the passenger a lot of advantage and reduce cost for airline.

Make airline ticket photograph compare with traditional paper, electronic ticket has clear advantage. It need not conclude ticket way to the tradition same take time is arduous, do not suffer airline ticket be commissioned to sell sth to nod working hours limitation. Went to the lavatory namely the passenger reduced cost for airline again. Although your body is in different ground to need to carry a network only, yi Ke buys electronic ticket easily, and the formalities such as change the date of conduction airline ticket. Once,have traditional airline ticket no longer missing or did not carry what will not board the plane is anxious.

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