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Shenzhen electron passenger ticket how return a ticket
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If you need return a ticket because of reason, OK and direct phone informs return a ticket, according to the relevant policy of airline, it is OK to affirm after return a ticket, need to divide kind of case: Does form of phlegmy ド of Quan  humorous achieve  of Yan of  of Jiao of  of an ancient drinking vessel of Qi ∷ all to be like  of dirty of hoarse of stupid Mendelevium of natrium of Bei detain Shan scrupulously and respectfully?
If you were asking to had been received when return a ticket,submit an expense account proof, can phone return a ticket of requirement of orgnaization of airline ticket representative, nevertheless must will submit an expense account the proof is returned, get deduction the ticket money after cost of return a ticket. (if use credit card to pay, the bill section after meeting general deducts return a ticket to expend is returned to credit card, if use cash payment, can return ready money directly. After money returns periodic and basic meeting to succeed in return a ticket two finish inside Zhou Zhi

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