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Of common electron passenger ticket buy an issue
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Electronic passenger ticket cannot be signed turn to other airline
Sheet of journey of electronic passenger ticket removes those who go to Cheng reminds and inquire to use only, understand time, airport setting out to wait with convenient passenger, nonfeasance boards the plane proof and submit an expense account proof. Of electronic airline ticket submit an expense account the proof is T4 couplet, can exchange when getting boarding check.
Use electron passenger ticket seizes the opportunity, the identification that the adult must provide effective identity document, children to must offer booklet of registered residence or mechanism of public security of seat of registered permanent residence to issue (the certificate that when the ticket is being bought on this effective certificate need and net, uses is identical)
If the case that provides false papers falsely claim as one's own to use electronic passenger ticket happens, processing of mechanism of deliver public security
The course that the " of passenger ticket of " support electron that in me the inquiry on company net goes to marks can back electronic airline ticket

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